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 What Are Peace Rewards ? / How Can I Earn Peace Rewards ?            

What Are Peace Rewards Worth ?  / How Do I Redeem My Peace Rewards ?

How Do Peace Rewards Increase My Sales As A Peace Rewards Business Partner  ?

What is A Peace Rewards Provider Affiliate & How Do I Find One Locally ?

PeaceRewards FAQs 

What Are PRs, Peace Rewards, Peace Rewards Dollars, Peace Rewards Points ?

 "PRs", "Peace Rewards" or "Peace Rewards Dollars and "Peace Rewards Points" are interchangeable terms for the rewards that WeDoPeace issues to it's Peace Rewards Card Members for giving their time to aid individuals;  local, national or international charities;  or to support the good works of all kinds of organizations such as civic or fraternal clubs, schools, faith based groups and NGO's .

A PR  (Peace Reward.  PR Dollar or PR Point) is awarded for every four minutes of time spent doing good works for individuals and organizations,.


What Are Bonus PRs ?

"Bonus PRs" are PRs that are issued by WeDoPeace to PR Card Members when they:

Shop with our PR Business Partners. We add Bonus PRs to a PR Card Member's account for purchases of goods and services made from our PR Business Partners each month.

Organize, Lead, Participate or Attend WeDoPeace Functions and Activities including but not limited to Membership Drives, Scheduled and Special Meetings and MeetUps4Peace, etc.


What Are PRs Worth ?

PRs do not have any intrinsic value of any kind.

Each Peace Reward (PR, PR Dollar, PR Point) and Bonus PR while having no intrinsic value of its own, is comparable to one US Dollar ($1.00)  but only when it is transferred by and amongst PR Card Members, their PR Business Partners and PR Providers.

So as an example 5 PRs would be awarded to someone having done twenty minutes of good works (One PR for each four minutes of work done) with those 5 PRs having a total value comparable to 5 US Dollars ($5.00). Likewise  if they gave one hour or sixty minutes of their time doing good works they would be awarded a total of 15 PRs or 15 PR Dollars ( again a PR Dollar for every four minutes worked) having a comparable value to fifteen  dollars in US currency (15 PRs x $1.00 = $15.00). So a PR Card Member's hourly rate of compensation is 15 PRs per hour or 15 PR Dollars per hour. We also refer to our PR Dollar as our “4 Minute Dollar" with each of those minutes worked having a comparative value equal to a US quarter (25 Cents)

PR Card Members also receive PRs for shopping with our PR Business Partners, which we identify as "Bonus PRs". We add two Bonus PR to a Card Member's account for every fifty dollars of purchases that a PR Card Member accumulates in purchasing goods and services from a single or a combination of our PR Business Partners. After every fifty dollars in purchases has been accumulated and verified we add two Bonus PR to the Card Members account at the end of the following month.


Are PRs Money ?

PeaceRewards (PRs) are not money, nor currency nor legal tender of any kind of any country.


Are PRs backed by any precious metals, assets, commodities, currencies, stocks  or bonds ?


No,  PRs are not backed by any of the above or by any other item of value, virtual or real; being only measurements of past uncompensated time spent doing good works for peaceful purposes.


Can PRs Be Sold Or Exchanged For Currency  ?

PeaceRewards (PRs) cannot be sold, redeemed, refunded or exchanged for money of any kind.


How Can PRs Be Used ?

PeaceRewards (PRs) can only be obtained or traded by PR Members amongst themselves and their Business Partners for their time, goods and services; or for the purpose of donating them to any Affiliated Providers, club or organization which can in turn use them for the sole purpose of rewarding their own supporters and volunteers for their otherwise uncompensated time at the rate of one PR for every four  minutes volunteered or 15 PRs for every hour of work.


Are Donated PRs Tax Deductible  ?

Whether a donation of PRs to any charity or a particular charity or non-profit entity is tax deductible or not is a tax question which requires each prospective Donor of PRs to seek the answer to from the proper taxing authority or agency concerned or from a qualified professional tax consultant, tax attorney  or certified public accountant of his/her own choosing.

How Do I Join Peace Rewards ?

First you must be a member of our social network WeDoPeace.com that administers the Peace Rewards Program. Membership in WeDoPeace.com is free.

What Is My Cost To Join the Peace Rewards Membership Card Program ?

Members of WeDoPeace.com when they enroll  into the Peace Rewards Program will pay the annual 2014 PR Card Membership Fee of Thirty Six ($36.00) Dollars for the full Calendar year and pro-rated for number of months (including the month in which they join PR) remaining in the 2014 Calendar year.

How Do I Become a Peace Rewards Card Member(PRCM) ?

Go To the bottom of the Peace Rewards Page on this WeDoPeace Website and click on enrollment as  a Card Member .

How Does Being a  Peace Rewards  Business Partner (PRBP) Increase My Sales ?

Peace Rewards Card Members will want to buy your products and/or services for two reasons:

Firstly, they know that because you are a "Peace Rewards" Business Partner that they can  earn Peace Rewards Bonus Points to add to their overall Peace Rewards redeemable point count total just by buying from your business the goods and services that they need to buy from some business. 

Secondly, they know that by buying your products and/or services  they can redeem their Peace Rewards for the percentage of the purchase price that you decide to mark on each item for which you will accept Peace Rewards.

How Do I Become a PR Business Partner (PRBP)

Go To the bottom of the Peace Rewards Page on this WeDoPeace Website and click on enrollment as a Business Partner .


What Is & How Do I Become A PR Provider Affiliate?

Our Peace Rewards Provider Affliliates are individuals and organizations doing good works who  provide us with verification that our PR Card Members have helped them out by contributing their time and effort to their cause.

Go To the bottom of the Peace Rewards Page on this WeDoPeace Website and click on enrollment as a Provider Affiliate .

How Do I Redeem My Peace Rewards ?

You can redeem them as discounts at our Business Partners, at our Peace Rewards Store, using your fellow members Products and Service Listings and by Donating Them to one of our Provider Affiliates.


Enroll into Peace Rewards Today At WeDoPeace.com

& Be Rewarded For All The Good That You Do !






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What Is We Do Peace ?

An End & A Means to And End  

Peace to members of WeDoPeace is both an end and a means to an end . For us a planet free of violence is more than a dream; it is an achievable goal for mankind.
We believe Peace is possible by educating and training every one of us in the skills of peacemaking as provided in "The Six Steps To Peace Plan"  on the website PeaceMaking101.org (or at: pm101.org), and is outlined at our "Links" tab here on this website .

As a For-Benefits Enterprise we strive to blend the for-profit and the not for-profit organizational models together in order to allow you to make the time you spend working for Peace worth your while in whatever way you choose to measure it.


If you are for the end of war and for the peaceful resolution of all conflict as a result of universal conflict resolution education and training- won’t you join us ?

If you believe you can make a difference in achieving peace on this planet by engaging in daily acts of civility and kindness towards others, particularly the victims of physical violence and social or economic injustice - won’t you join us ?

If you are against land mines, child soldiers, human trafficking, nuclear weapons & ethnic cleansing - won’t you join us?

If you not only love the concept of Peace, but actually want to give it a chance by working for it, not only around the world, but right here in our homes (domestic & dating violence), schools (bullying), workplaces (pay inequities), neighborhoods (gangs) and communities (violent crimes) - won’t you join us ?

If you are an artist i.e., dancer, musician, sculptor, photographer, painter, storyteller, writer, filmmaker, craftsperson etc., celebrating Peace in your work - won’t you join us ?

If you’re concerned about sustainability and wish for an end to world hunger and poverty - won’t you join us ?

If you are a conservationist, support animal rights and want to the preserve our natural places for future generations - won't you join us ?

If you are student, parent or teacher who wants your schools to be safer; a public servant looking for constructive suggestions; a handyman, veteran or anyone else with some good ideas you want to share - won’t you join us ?

If you want to work for peace as a paid peace worker, volunteer, professional peacemaker, entrepreneur for peace, investor for peace, or donor for peace - won’t you join us ?

 If you are a dreamer, regardless of who you are, or what you do or don’t do, and would just like to come and spend some enjoyable time with those who share your dream for a peaceful planet - won’t you join us?



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